Leads Delivered within Minutes

Advanced Customer Filtering

Get Leads for your business the RIGHT WAY.

We use Social Media for Targeting

Proprietary Lead Funnels

Sage Leads

" Sage Leads stands out as the most ethical Lead Generation Company I've ever met! "

Don Goldberg, Affordable Solar


"Quick Funnel"

Our Methods!

We don't focus on selling you leads,
we focus on getting you customers.

"Full Funnel"

Harder to build, more effective in the long run, and the "Rainbow Unicorn" of leads. This sets us apart from the rest. People are piqued with information, and let through a 5 step funnel to grow their interest in being contacted by you.

Sometimes, down and dirty is the way to go. With Advanced targeting, we can sometimes reach people with the right offer at the right time.

We create Blogs, eBooks and Paperback books to provide value to people in your industry. People signup to download a helpful guide and expect to get a follow up call to answer questions (from you!)

"Book Funnel"


We can email and text you the moment someone fills out the lead form. Call them within minutes to interrupt the "shopping" cycle.

Advanced Automation

We offer that too! Your lead will be sent an intro letter from you immediately so they can know the next steps and feel connected with you... not "handed off" which hurts typical closing ratios.

All work done in Scottsdale, AZ.

Our top developers can create a custom lead campaign for you!